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Venus Calls

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What is a Songcard?

A songcard is a digital collectable.

It contains at least one song and one piece of artwork.

It can unlock access to exclusive content and rewards.

It can be limited in stock and be gifted to friends.

It's a way for artists to sell their music and for fans to show off their collections to their friends.

Songcards is a new format for creating music products and provides fans a way to support their favourite artists.

Proof of Fan

Collecting music is in.

Whether that be in the digital or physical domain, the appetite for building a music collection is back in fashion.

So what does collecting offer that streaming doesn't?


It provides fans a way to show off.

It's their way of saying "I discovered them before you did".

And for their favorite musicians, it's proof of who really cares.

By collecting your music, your fans can rise above the noise, and demonstrate their appreciation of your work.

That's what we want to facilitate at Songcards.

What is a Collector?

A collector is a music superfan.

They are your biggest supporters.

Each Collector will have their own Collectors page.

Example Collector Page

Here they can show off their Songcard collection and promote your music to their friends

Holders of your Songcards will be the first to know of what's to come.

How it works

Once you’re set up on the platform, you can start creating your own Songcards.

The Songcards you create will be listed on your artist page.

Your artist page will sit in the link-in-bio, where collectors can listen to your music, browse the Songcards you have to offer, and buy them right there and then!

The Songcard is then featured on their Collector’s page ready to show off to their friends.

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