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From here on out, the Songcards platform will be referred to as ’the company’ as well as by name.


From here on out, we’ll refer to users who upload their music and other materials with the intention of selling to end-users as ‘artists’ or ‘the artist’. The artist should note that by uploading content to the platform, in doing so, they agree to these here terms and that they are executed with immediate effect. These terms may change and updates will be reflect here on the main website. If the artist disagrees with the terms, they can effectively terminate their agreement with the company by delisting their content from the platform, which at this point in time, is done by informing the company of that intention. At which point, the company will delist said content. It should be known that end-users who bought the content prior to its de-listing will still be able to privately access those materials when they log into their account.


From here on out, we’ll refer to end-users, people who buy products on the company’s platform, as ‘collectors’’, end-users’, or ‘buyers’. PERSONAL USE It should be noted that purchase of any content or product is intended only for personal use. This means that the buyer or collector has no other licence to use the music or any other content purchased in a commercial setting or public setting. Songcards is not a licensing platform. Purchases made here are made on a consumer basis, no different to buying a single or digital download for consumer benefit or pleasure.


It should be noted that the company assumes that any content uploaded by artists, collectors, or other end-user, is done so with all the necessary and relevant licence and permission in place. For example, one can not upload a recording of someone else’s song without permission from the rightsholders of the recording or the underlying composition. Nor can they upload any artwork or video content that is, or contains, a third party’s intellectual property without the necessary permission from the relevant rights-holders.


When a collector buys a product by and from an artist on the platform, the artist will be entitled to 90% of what the company receives from its payment provider, namely Stripe. As a payment provider, Stripe collects its fees from sales and distributes the rest to the company. Please note that the company (Songcards) operates from the UK. You can read about Stripe’s fees here: